The Body Politic

Democrats plan to highlight ‘middle-class tax cut’ during congressional recess

Redistricting battles kick off early as Democrats scramble to try to cut into GOP advantages

D.N.C. Staff to Join Union, in a Milestone for Labor

Sarah Palin hints she may run for Senate against Lisa Murkowski in 2022

The Duck Says

Funny thing about the moratorium. No one at the federal level has the power to do it right now, so perhaps a more robust message around that instead of the current game of “Hot Potato”?

The Hot Seat

Report finds Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and retaliated against one for going public.

As many Republicans try to rewrite history of Jan. 6 attack, Sen. Ron Johnson suggests FBI knew more than it has said

Trump objects to release of tax returns to Congress

Blagojevich says he’ll sue over Illinois prohibition on him running for office

The Duck Says

One more aberration we can thank the Former Guy for…

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