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The Biden Administration

Biden’s spending plans could lift wages from the bottom up. It’s a page out of Jeff Bezos’ playbook — or Henry Ford’s.

Biden reacts to weak jobs report, says US ‘still digging out of an economic collapse,’ but on ‘right track’

‘Don’t take questions’: White House press secretary frowns on Biden’s media interaction

Biden wants trillions for infrastructure, but a big hurdle will remain: Spending the cash

What the Bidens Understand About Community College

The Duck Says

The Biden White House approach to President Biden not taking a ton of questions will likely raise the ire of many reporters, but PR 101 teaches us to be selective to questions, allowing one to better stay on message and control the narrative to the best of your ability. It’s a sound strategy, just not part of the playbook a press secretary usually says aloud.

World News

Why is Mumbai handling its second wave better than Delhi?

Macron calls on US, UK to stop ‘blocking’ vaccines

Germany Is Seeing Virus Cases Go Down and Vaccinations Go Up

Spain cracks down on saffron crime ring, arresting 17 in raid

The Duck Says

The saffron crime ring is a far cry from when the Apple Dumpling Gang made that run up against the cinnamon cartel in 1879.

Business & Economy

Body Politic

International Affairs

Internal study highlights struggle over control of America’s special ops forces

European Allies Ask U.S. to Slow Afghan Withdrawal, Officials Say

Overcrowded Border Jails Give Way to Packed Migrant Child Shelters

Defending or Abandoning Afghan Women Is a False Choice

The US Needs to Impose Costs on China for Its Economic Warfare

The Duck Says

Per the NYT – “Biden administration officials have insisted that they have gotten better control of a surge of migrant children that has swamped detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border.  But documents obtained by The New York Times indicate that the problem has moved to other facilities, like convention centers in Dallas, San Diego and Long Beach, Calif., which are nearing capacity as funds for more space are scarce.”


Perhaps Tucker Carlson’s data cherry-picking isn’t limited to vaccines

‘It’s His Own Damn Fault,’ Top G.O.P. Pollster Says of Trump and Facebook/a>

Is Fox’s Peter Doocy Just Asking Questions — Or Trolling the White House?

The Duck Says

Also, “Gannett (USA Today) saw evenue fall, but digital subscriptions rise”.  The NYT launched an Editing Residency, The Editor of the Washingtonian bullied her team in print to come back to the office, and the owner of the LAT thinks the Feds should subsidize the Fourth Estate.