The Biden Administration

Conservatives Are Having Another Nervous Breakdown Over ‘Socialism’ Biden is still a capitalist, though.

Harris hires two senior advisers

Joe Biden’s Stance Against China Is Radically Different From Donald Trump’s

US, Pakistan face each other again on Afghanistan threats

The Duck Says

We definitely didn’t “gain” leverage with Pakistan in recent weeks.

Business & Economy

(Opinion) The danger isn’t that China’s Evergrande will collapse. It’s that it won’t.

The infinite AI playlist

Stablecoins in Spotlight as U.S. Begins to Lay Ground for Rules on Cryptocurrencies

GoodRx’s subscription programs now have over 1 million subscribers, co-CEO says

The Duck Says

In a country of 300+ million ppl I am surprised it is only a million because Good R/x is such a lifesaver, even if you have insurance.  (That is not sponsored content, Good R/x is just awesome)

On Edge

When the FBI seizes your messages from Big Tech, you may not know it for years

They Investigate Police Killings. Their Record Is Wanting.

The Conservatives Who’d Rather Die Than Not Own the Libs

US police departments clamoring for de-escalation training

The Duck Says

If we can’t have police reform legislation, then a nice alternative is the agencies reforming themselves…she says sighing….