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Here’s why it will be harder for many Black families to recover from the pandemic downturn

EU Opens The Door To American Travelers. But Be Sure To Read The Fine Print

Expect the Unexpected From the Delta Variant

States Move to Ban ‘Vaccine Passports’

Red Cross asks for blood donations amid “severe” national shortage

The Duck Says

Red cross is desperate need for blood, folks.  In particular these states>>> Iowa, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, Idaho & Ohio.  All states have a specific need for platelets, bc they quickly expire, and type O blood is especially valuable bc it is universal.  Also, donate by 6/30 and receive an Amazon gift card. 🩸🩸🩸

The Biden Administration

Biden to revive presidential portrait tradition Trump skipped

Champ, the Bidens’ German Shepherd, Dies at 13

Biden White House says report US held back Ukraine aid is ‘nonsense’

Biden, deeply Catholic president, finds himself at odds with many U.S. bishops

Ethics experts are concerned that the children of top Biden aides are getting jobs in the White House, report says

The Duck Says

Public policy is often a family affair (everyone in my family was a public servant), so the family members are in (most) cases highly qualified for the Biden WH jobs, but it does look bad.  Perhaps political appointees should follow the merit based hiring system the executive branch follows and these questions would be moot.

World News

Polarized by war, Armenia votes Sunday in an early election

Hong Kong media reel as security law targets democracy paper’s reporting

United Nations calls for halt of weapons to Myanmar

EU envoy: Ethiopia’s leaders said they “are going to wipe out” Tigrayans

Emerging markets could be the next big frontier for crypto. A slew of politicians want to follow El Salvador and adopt bitcoin as legal tender.

The Duck Says

Bitcoin is disruptive (and potentially dangerous) to world economic, social and traditional justice systems on a litany of levels and it will be fascinating to see which national and global institutions fight back (and how hard) or exploit those attributes.  Buckle up.

On Edge

The Body Politic

Yang and Garcia Form Late Alliance in Mayor’s Race, Drawing Adams’s Ire

Trump’s influence on Republicans faces key test in Michigan

Terry McAuliffe and the battle for Virginia

Voting debate roils Washington but leaves many voters cold

Senate Bill Would Help Bring Afghan Interpreters to the U.S.

The Duck Says

This Reason story is so important we are picking it up 2 days after publication and letting you know (if you are so inclined), you can phone your senators with support for this as of yet unnumbered senate bill – “To extend and modify the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Program”.

The Hot Seat


What’s next: Super-fast delivery

Investors in technology need to pay attention to corporate governance

EV Startups Are in Trouble. Investors Don’t Care.

Drought-stricken communities push back against data centers

Roku Originals Draw More Viewing In 2 Weeks Than Quibi Did In Its Lifetime

The Duck Says

A story about content getting more views on Roku than Quibi, is like a story about how thoughts in my head will be heard by more people if I say them outloud.  “Um, duh, it wasn’t the content’s fault. ”  Quibi was just born at the wrong moment.

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